11 March 2010

Gather around kiddies for the Migraine update!

New Dr is good, thorough, but doesn't have much of a sense of humor....he doesn't know what he is dealing with in me! He didn't understand what I meant when under symptoms I had written blondeness! LOL

I saw my MRI's and the first thing I thought and said outloud without thinking: "Well, now there is evidence that aliens do exist on this earth! Look at the skeleton of that face!" He said nothing, not a peep. So when he showed me the infamous "white patchy things in my brain" they looked like Orbs you would see on "Ghost Hunters"show and I THOUGHT to myself, well, hank dag, I must be possessed! Ghost orbs in my brain!"

The Dr did all kinds of stuff like prick me with little needles to see if I had numb spots (y'all know how much I just loooove needles), checking reflexes, pressed the snot out of my sinuses (which gave me a headache, thank you very much!), knocked around on my skull.... by the time I left he had deflated my poofy hair style I had worn! One half was flat, I looked like I had been hit with a flat iron or something!

Now I have to have an ultrasound on my throat... why? To make sure I'm getting enough oxygen to my brain! (I'm telling ya, I am blonde!) I also have to keep a diet and migraine symptom journal. gave me a list of foods I can eat, be careful of, and what I can't eat.... say what? He is totally ruining my diet! LOL (Just kidding, for the most part.)

Gotta have another MRI in 6 months so he will have something to compare the last one to.... (guess he thinks my brain will go away). He said he will be able to see if I have new "orbs" or if they have stayed the same. I wonder if there are more orbs if he will do an exorcism to get the ghosties outta my brain?

So that is it. Hey maybe I can call the group from "Paranormal State" to come check my brain for hauntings.... they are cuter than the crew from "Ghost Hunters!"

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