14 April 2010

You know you are getting old when

Feel free to add your own!

~ It takes you five minutes to get to the window to tell the dogs to shut up and they have already have stopped and are taking a nap.

~ You have to carry a notepad with you so you will remember what you came into another room to do.

~ The Index figure on the hand you write with has more curves in it than a mountain road.

~ You call everyone by the dogs name.

~ You have to grab a chair or wall when a pet or person goes by you because you are afraid you are going to fall and break a hip.

~ You can get out from under the afghan you put on you when you sat down to take a nap in your recliner.

~ You take all the ingredients out then forget what you were going to cook for dinner.

~ You have to put your teeth in to answer the door.

~ You hurt your ankle while sitting at your desk.

~ You call everything you want “Thingie.” “Will you get me that thingie over there?”

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