30 June 2010

I pulled a Mersea:

I pulled a Mersea: got up and poured some Dr Pepper (Dt Dr Pepper Caffeine free - which is not what I need right now) into a DP bottle in the fridge. After several huge gullups I discovered I had poured the soda into the bottle that was half filled with wine from the night before (I wear scrubs with big pockets to carry things around in) only to find a foul tasting stuff! Good thing I have a few hours before I have a few hours before I have to be anywhere!

29 June 2010

It is official!

It is official! I have a hurt foot! The Dr put me on a boot and crutches, not allowed to put any weight on the foot. Have to have an MRI next week then see the Doc again. He said depending upon what the MRI shows, I could be in the boot for a few more months. Now.... this is one of my busiest times of year for pet sitting, I have 4 jobs in the next month alone! One place has three stories not counting the stairs coming in and out of the house. I foresee an interesting summer....

04 June 2010

"Let life be an adventure!"

3 June 2010
Five or six weeks ago my husband and I took a walk in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I stepped on the edge of the road as I was going around a corner and the road crumbled and I rolled my foot. I waited a week to get it checked out- I've rolled the foot before and had no problems. Well, ended up getting an x-ray and then they wanted me to get a bone scan. There was a world wide shortage of radioactive isotopes so it took a month to get the scan. Here's why there was a shortage:

1) The Plant in Canada went down.
2) Once it was up the plant in NY was closed for repairs
3) Due to the volcano planes were grounded so nothing could get out
4)Would you believe that a baboon somehow got into the plant in Africa and messed it up?

Poor baboon! And it looks like I have a stress fracture so now I will be going to a foot dr.... what do you think: crutches or the boot? and how long will I be having to use/wear them?

4 June 2010
Another adventure came my way today! Swinging from one season to another often irritates the Fibromyalgia that thinks it owns me and right now the heat has decided to come for a dance. Well, it took me for quite the dance today - the AC in my car went out and my car almost overheated! (I've learned to watch the "gauge" from a past adventure...) so I had to drive around in heat which was none too pleasing. Had to go to Walmart and all the Wallycarts were being used so I got to once again do m little shopping using a crutch and a shopping cart. I think I shall have very strong arms by the time the foot adventure is over! And isn't it fun to get groceries from the car to the house while on crutches! Ah well, what doesn't kill me will lead to another adventure! LOL
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