10 August 2010

A foot update

Went to the Specialist today and he said my foot is healing well. I don't understand why it wasn't healed by the time I finally got to see him but.... hey this is my body... need I say more! Now, for one week I am to keep using the crutches and boot but I am to put one half of my body weight on my foot when I walk. The next week I am to drop the crutches... YEE HAW!!!!!!!  and I think he said the week I am to see him again I should be wearing "sensible shoes." I only wear running shoes so I am set there. I will have to call and make sure about the instructions, I should have them write it down when I am in the office but I always forget.... no surprise there!! Anyways when I go back and see him in three weeks he will decide then if I need therapy... I can always use some therapy but I'm sure he meant physical therapy! LOL

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