18 August 2010

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it.

I am a journaler, one who write her thoughts, feelings, deeds, descriptions, fears, loves, and other things in a paper book. A paper journal no one ever reads unless I allow them, it is not there for anyone and I do not expect anyone to sign a guest book stating "Hey, I read your journal! Hmmmmmmmm....." LOL 

I am also a Blogger, one who posts thoughts, some feelings, jokes, pictures, things that happen that aren't too personal because I know someone might sign a guest book saying "Hey, I read your blog, loved it!" or " Are you crazy? LOL"  I like to post pictures and things to help others feel good, happy, see life is a good thing, and on occasion  a heartfelt post of feeling lousy so  people can see that I am also aware of how hard life is at times.

Well, this is one of those times I am feeling 'hmmmmmmm,' why do I post here, no one reads my Blog. I guess it must be that there are times when I need encouragement I guess so I can go back and get encouraged by reading my own posts. I believe people should encourage themselves because there are plenty of times in life when there are no others to do it. Am I right?


Anonymous said...

That's my reason for blogging, too. I do go back and see where I've been. And for me, maybe someone with lyme will read it and be encouraged.

I hope you have a good day. May God send encouragement to you through one of His many channels.

"My times are in Your hands."
Psalm 31:15

Julia aka Mersea said...

Thank you Bella Scarlett!

Yvonne said...

Julia I stumbled across your blog quite by accident...and I'm glad I did! I know how it is to feel like life has given you a swift kick... I too have Fibromyalgia and have had 4 back surgeries each one more invasive and difficult than the last. I am a self taught artist as well and have been able just recently to start creating again... never knew how valuable sitting was till I couldn't! LOL! Anyways, know that today GOD used your blog to remind me I am not alone and to reach out anyway possible to the world around me! After all, that may be the touch that heals someone else... tonight you healed my heart!

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