04 September 2010

Argh that foot!

The Doc gave me a shot of cortizone last time I saw him and he said the swelling would go down in 2-5 days.... so far it has not. I am allowed to walk on it, do what I want but have to be careful. Well, walking is a bit of a challenge because the foot won't walk straight and gives me a little pain. I have put on my pedometer and am planning on trying to get in  some decent walking, well, hopefully... gotta be careful not to re-injure the foot. Start PT on Thursday. I am going to find ways to work out so I can' lose some poundage. I should have been doing more all along, I've done some but obviously not enough. Sigh. Growing physically old sucks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yep! Growing old DOES suck, especially when there is chronic illness of some sort.

PT will help. There are some great exercise shows on ON DEMAND on my cable package. Do you have that? I did the Pilates yesterday. Couldn't do all the moves exactly right, but it was a good workout.

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