16 September 2010

Long Hair

Since I now officially have long hair (a little lower than bra strap length) and I have come to realize that long hair is HOT - meaning it makes me sweat and blows in my face, I've developed a new passion: Hair Toys! I have started buying hair sticks that will make my up styles look purdy! I am also making them, too... I say that because I have the supplies and will be starting to put them together. I do have a pair of chopsticks that I cut to a size to fit my baby fine hair buns (get your mind out of the gutter peeps! LOL), sanded them down, and used them. I have also made myself a green shamrock hair fork... not the best I drew it badly so I am trying to figure out how I can  decorate it so it looks better, but I have worn it because my husband and I made it together!

So, now that I am going to be making some hair sticks and combs, once I am better at it, I bet they will make an appearance in my Etsy Shop to be sold! So keep an eye on my shop, you never know what will be popping up for sale!


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