31 October 2010

Energy and Hair

I am so tired today! It isn't even noon and I've had three naps! I feel like my energy just drains right out of the bottom of my feet. Must be a Fibro thing, this use to happen a lot.

I am thinking about going ahead and getting my poof permed so it will make it easier to take care of. I use to perm it before but I can't remember if I just got a body perm or a curly perm.... I remember I did a full curly perm once and yeck, it was awful! Everyone use to call me Reba McIntire!

All I know is that I am tired of it taking me almost an hour to get my poof right! Some days I will have to curl and cement it three or four times until it is right! Life is too short to spend that much time on my hair!

30 October 2010

My mind

I've always had a quizzical mind, wanting to know things like what people are thinking, would people do certain things, how would react to certain situations, what people are like on the inside, etc. My kids always said I was just nosy but I tell them some of it is that I like to write so I want to have a wealth of info. They still think I am just nosy. Well, I am, but I am a writer so I am suppose to be nosy, right?

29 October 2010

Plastic Surgeon Appt today

I have to laugh.... it didn't bother me to be top nude in front of a man!

I asked him a question about something a woman said in Support Group the other night and he rolled his eyes and said "They shouldn't be called Support Groups, they should be called "Scare Groups" because people are sharing what may have happened to them but that doesn't mean it will happen to you. I felt it was good to know this info so I would be prepared in the invent something strange happens to me while in the ER.

Anyhow it looks like I should be in the hospital one or two days after the proceedure. I think that will be a good thing cuz I am sure I will get the willies having to take care of the drainage situation and the longer someone else has to do it the better!

I will have my surgery scheduled by next week.

PS. I have an actual Cancer Journal that you can read http://users.blogforacure.com/mersea I tend to cross post here but there is more information there.

28 October 2010

Support Group

There was a large variety of ladies there last night, all wonderful and fun! Because there were several new people there, mwah included, we went around the room and told a little about ourselves, then Dr Jennifer Reed spoke and answered questions. It was good to hear the info, these ladies have been through some hard times, and I must admit that some of the info surprised and shocked me. Little Pollyannna here, who was thinking very positive about what I am about to go through and knowing that circumstances could change at anytime but still remaining very positive, suddenly began to feel a little numb. It made me gulp when the Dr said we must look at Breast Cancer not as a life threatening disease but as a chronic disease which "will" come back some day and you never know when or where. One lady's "chronic disease" reared it's ugly head as stage 4 bone cancer and was told nothing could be done. Dr Jennifer said bull, we will find something that will work to keep you going.

I sat next to a beautiful 50 yr old African American lady who towards the end of the meeting tears began to slip down her cheeks. I put my arm around her and the two ladies on the other side of her and a few others softly talked to her. She had had her surgery 2 yrs ago and she had another health issue which she didn't go into. by the end of the conversation it came out she kept thinking of dying. she has been going to therapy because she has been having panic attacks but no Dr had given her any Xanax for her anxieties. Sometimes I wonder where some Drs heads are!

I knew we all had the ingredients to have cancer but I was surprised to know that every one has cancer mutating in them but some peoples systems are able to destroy it.

I guess I needed to hear these things and sure glad to know there are women out there that will hold my hand and hug me tight when I am down about all this. It is nice to have a boob or implant to cry on!

26 October 2010

Drumroll please.....Got the results of the MRI!

The Doc called last night and told me that the MRI contained good and bad news. The bad news is there is a small mass near the lump in my breast but it doesn't look like cancer so when I have surgery they will remove it.

The good news is that my left breast is cancer free and there are no other lumps in my right breast! Just the one spot! I will be having a lumpectomy and a breast reduction of both, radiation and hormonal treatments and at this point chemo is out of the picture! I'll have surgery around he beginning of December and start treatments in January!

God is good!

25 October 2010

I read somewhere that......

Cancer hates oxygen and that is one reason why cancer patients are told by their Drs to exercise. There are many good reasons to exercise: lose weight, tone up the bod, and create endorphines which make us happy people! Before I cracked a bone in my foot back in April I was starting to train to run a half marathon. I am now able to get back to training (at least for the moment). I have been walking around the neighborhood and today I gently hit the treadmill, walked and jogged 1.5 miles s-l-o-w-l-y, my girls told me they don't want to be jostled around too much right now.

23 October 2010

Starting to sink in.

I have been reading the binder full of info I need to read on Breast Cancer, I found some of it interesting. I talked with my Dr late afternoon, she didn't have the results yet, but I asked her how long had this cancer been in me. She said according to this type of cancer and the size of it, it has prolly been in me for five years. Well, at least it is a slow grower!  That did shock me a bit. Last night I felt calmish but I felt it fading a little. I went to bed in the middle of a show we were watching and my husband came in and prayed with me. I took me evening meds and went to sleep.

22 October 2010


Had the MRI today, I've had them before and had no problems but this one I had to lay on my stomach which was uncomfortable. They inserted some dye of some sort into my arm and now everything tastes like metal - even Dr Pepper! :O Not funny messing around with my DP!

This has been a long day but having a long day makes life feel like it is slowing down and at age 54 I don't mind if life slows down, nowadimean?

Now back to watching NCIS on my computer! God is good to have man create these toys just for little ole me!  :D

21 October 2010


Please feel free to leave comments and prayers etc, I love to get them!


Cancer. I think it is finally starting to sink in but I am still feeling strangely calm. I am a journaler and have one that I write in a lot but I am thinking of making a Cancer Journey journal so I can express all that stuff I don't want people to read, insights into my soul, lessons I am learning, and pictures, letters and postcards from friends, and other stuff, too.

I have been getting lots of phone calls from people who want to help which is cool cuz my phone is usually fairly silent. I am glad that people want to help because I think my poor husband will get quite overwhelmed with everything!

I have a quilt I started two or three years ago that has been calling my name for a few months... I had paid someone to quilt it for me and now it needs to have the binding done. I was going to start it but then I found out the news and there is no way I will be able to focus on that so I went to "Different Touches" (a quilt shop in Chesapeake, Va) and got the name of a lady who does this sort of thing. I am taking the quilt over there this afternoon. I really would like to have that particular quilt to sleep under just for comfort sake. I'm funny like that. I have rings that I wear that have special meanings and lessons to remember associated with them. I have one I just got this weekend at a Gem Show but the person who put it together didn't put it together right and last night the stone fell out so now I have to run it to the jewelers to get it fixed. I also am wearing my name "Mersea" that I had written in silver when I was in the mall one day, I think I will try to find somewhere I can get it made in gold, the silver is so flexible and I am afraid it will break. "Mersea" really means a lot to me and right now I can use a lot of that!

NanoWrimo is starting up in a week or so and I am not as ready as I wanted to be. I've spent so much time trying to finish the set of paintings I was working on that I barely worked on my story line and info. So much to do, so much to do.

I saw a billboard today that had a picture of a man and his name and it said "He wrote a book about living while he was dying." Wow....

19 October 2010


I am still strangely calm concerning what I am going through. In some ways I am numb and yet not so. I am scheduled for an MRI on Friday so more info will be revealed and we can go forth to the next step.  I know good things will come from this journey and look forward to seeing what they are!

Today I took a 23 minute walk, this is the return to training for that half marathon I plan on doing sometime in the future.I am strengthening my ankles and legs and Not jiggling "L-u-u-u-u-c-c-c-y-y-y-y" until she is fully healed. (I call my 'girls' Lucy and Ethel). And hopefully I will lose a BUNCH of ounces soon, if you know what I mean!

I have spent a good part of the day working on a picture I call "The color of Summer," the last of a set. You artists out there ever notice that the closer you think you are to being done the more things you have left to do? Geesh! But sometimes that is a good thing. I like to watch movies and TV shows on my computer while working and since my DVD player isn't working and can't pick from my growing supply of movies, I started watching a documentary on Netflix. this one is called: "The Case for Faith." Really really good! I started watching it again but will have to finish it tomorrow because it is almost dinner time. another really really good documentary is called "The Case for Christ." Both are done by the same guy (can't remember his name) who use to be an athiest. If you haven't seen it, you should!

I Love these Pants!!!!

If anyone decides that they want to bestow me with gifts: found at FB - Holy clothes! (Just kidding!)

 http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=44383001500#!/holyclothingfan?v=app_113298085356151Jasmine Gypsy Ruffle Wide Leg Bohemian Drawstring Palazzo Pants

18 October 2010

The Journey begins.

I had my appointment with my Surgeon today, she is a riot! She is 35 yrs old, looks like she is 15, and has so much energy and talks so fast you would think she was on speed! She let us know ahead of time that she talked fast and she said she had a binder full of the info she was going to go over with us (my husband came with me.) She did a sonogram of both my girls looking to make sure no one was hiding then we went into her office and we listened. LOL My surgeon is very thorough and explained everything we have to look for, the proceedures that will have to be done according to whatever it is we find at the time. At this point she said I have stage one cancer so it is a slow moving one.

So, here is the plan. Next week I will have an MRI to check to see if the cancer has slipped into some lymph nodes etc. Then I have an appt with the Plastic Surgeon to discuss the different avenues we can take. There are all kinds of tests that will be done so it seems like it will take a lot of time but good news is - I will be able to go to Faeriecon afterall!!!!!  Then the surgery and biopsies begin around the beginning of December and depending upon what is found we will begin treatment after New Years so I can enjoy myself.

There may be other info I have left out because there was some much info told to me and I haven't have had time to read the "Boob Cancer Bible" but when I find something I will post here!

God bless y'all!

16 October 2010

Halllllllloooooooo everyone!

Sorry I have been so quiet this week, a lot has been going on. I was finally released by the foot doc so I could go back to training for the half marathon I will run one of these days, meanwhile I was going through another ordeal. Friday I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, thank God we caught it very early! It is a very small lump. I have an appt with the Surgeon on Monday so we can plot our course. Please keep me in prayer and positive thoughts!

I have been working on a series of pictures on the Seasons, actually two of them! They will be posting as soon as I get them scanned, hopefully next week!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



05 October 2010

Dolgeville Corner to corner afghan

Corner to corner Afghan

(I think I will call it the Dolgeville Pattern since I learned it while I was living there but I do not know there name of the original creator.)

Hook size: G,H,I,Jor K (Larger the hook the quicker it goes)

~ Ch 7, 3 DC in 6th ch from hook, ch 5. Turn. (Makes first 1st row)

~ 3 DC in 4th ch from hook, slip stitch into end of chain group of next shell, ch 3 in same chain section. Ch 5. Turn. Makes 2nd row.

~ 3 DC in 4th ch from hook,
*slip stitch into chain group of next shell group, ch 3*

Repeat from * to finish row. Ch 5. Turn.

Repeat this until afghan is desired size.

To decrease:

~At end of row Turn, skip one DC, slip stitch to ch 3 of first shell, ch 3, 3 DC in loop, repeat until you have a square then slip stitch to corner.


Use whatever edging you want.
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