31 October 2010

Energy and Hair

I am so tired today! It isn't even noon and I've had three naps! I feel like my energy just drains right out of the bottom of my feet. Must be a Fibro thing, this use to happen a lot.

I am thinking about going ahead and getting my poof permed so it will make it easier to take care of. I use to perm it before but I can't remember if I just got a body perm or a curly perm.... I remember I did a full curly perm once and yeck, it was awful! Everyone use to call me Reba McIntire!

All I know is that I am tired of it taking me almost an hour to get my poof right! Some days I will have to curl and cement it three or four times until it is right! Life is too short to spend that much time on my hair!

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