23 October 2010

Starting to sink in.

I have been reading the binder full of info I need to read on Breast Cancer, I found some of it interesting. I talked with my Dr late afternoon, she didn't have the results yet, but I asked her how long had this cancer been in me. She said according to this type of cancer and the size of it, it has prolly been in me for five years. Well, at least it is a slow grower!  That did shock me a bit. Last night I felt calmish but I felt it fading a little. I went to bed in the middle of a show we were watching and my husband came in and prayed with me. I took me evening meds and went to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Wow, five years?! That's a really long time!! I didn't know cancer grew that slowly, but that's a good thing, right? :)
Healing energies your way.
-TinaDenali from LHC :)

Julia aka Mersea said...

Tina, some cancers grow fast, some grow slow. I've been blessed to have a slow growing type. Now who would have though cancer and blessing could be used in the same sentence? Sometimes it can be.... if your heart is open.

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