21 October 2010


Cancer. I think it is finally starting to sink in but I am still feeling strangely calm. I am a journaler and have one that I write in a lot but I am thinking of making a Cancer Journey journal so I can express all that stuff I don't want people to read, insights into my soul, lessons I am learning, and pictures, letters and postcards from friends, and other stuff, too.

I have been getting lots of phone calls from people who want to help which is cool cuz my phone is usually fairly silent. I am glad that people want to help because I think my poor husband will get quite overwhelmed with everything!

I have a quilt I started two or three years ago that has been calling my name for a few months... I had paid someone to quilt it for me and now it needs to have the binding done. I was going to start it but then I found out the news and there is no way I will be able to focus on that so I went to "Different Touches" (a quilt shop in Chesapeake, Va) and got the name of a lady who does this sort of thing. I am taking the quilt over there this afternoon. I really would like to have that particular quilt to sleep under just for comfort sake. I'm funny like that. I have rings that I wear that have special meanings and lessons to remember associated with them. I have one I just got this weekend at a Gem Show but the person who put it together didn't put it together right and last night the stone fell out so now I have to run it to the jewelers to get it fixed. I also am wearing my name "Mersea" that I had written in silver when I was in the mall one day, I think I will try to find somewhere I can get it made in gold, the silver is so flexible and I am afraid it will break. "Mersea" really means a lot to me and right now I can use a lot of that!

NanoWrimo is starting up in a week or so and I am not as ready as I wanted to be. I've spent so much time trying to finish the set of paintings I was working on that I barely worked on my story line and info. So much to do, so much to do.

I saw a billboard today that had a picture of a man and his name and it said "He wrote a book about living while he was dying." Wow....

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