30 November 2010

Miscellaneous craziness

My husband says I watch way "Ghost Hunter" type shows!

My husband is sick with a bad cold so he is sleeping in his office. I woke up last night about 3 AM and noticed a white light standing next to his side of the bed. I lay there and watched it a while. It looked like a man standing there... I looked away then back again to see if it would go away, nope still standing there. The two cats trying to crowd me off the edge of the bed weren't reacting to this apparition. So I said "Burton, is that you?" No answer. Hmmmmmm. So I turned the light on and the apparition was gone. I sat quietly for a second pondering if I should go check on my man to see if he was still around but some really loud snoring was dancing down the hall so I knew he was okay. Turned the light off and there was the apparition again. Hmmmm. I looked around, rolled over to my husband's side of the bed and noticed that there was a white light coming out of the back of his clock radio... it was reflecting off my satiny curtains! "Debunked!" I said and rolled back over to my side of the bed. Then I thought "My curtains are pine green, shouldn't they reflect green? Ah well, I ain't going to bother with it." Back to sleep I went. Maybe it was the wine... but we've had these curtains for almost a year, why hadn't I noticed Casper before?

Found some cool Pink eyeliner at Sephora's: Pink Glitter called "Groupie." I bought it but man, $18 for eye liner! I won't be shopping there too often! Of course the bottle will last forever and a day, not like the pencils I found later in Walmart. I have black, blue, and green glitter eyeliners (can't tell I like glitter, can ya!). I have glitter and pink glitter lip plumper (I've got them old lady lips and they need some help - plumper is better than needle botox!) and pink glitter nail polish. On Fridays I wear glitter on my cheeks, use to make people think I was nutz when I worked, then again they had already figured that one out!

Ever like to do things out of the ordinary just to kinda make people wonder about ya? Today I wore my silk Faerie gloves that I got at Faeriecon. You should have seen the looks! One guy asked me if I knitted them, I said no they were spun. The look on his face was priceless!

29 November 2010


I have just been going over Medical Bills that came while I was gone and want to scream! I know I am over reacting because I hate math and dealing with bills and even dealing with money in general.

I have two types of Insurance: Anthem Healthkeepers and American Heritage Life Insurance Co which is cancer Insurance. I had the understanding that what one didn’t cover the other did but I just found out Office visits and blood work don’t count. No biggie in the large scale of things, I’m fairly sure the blood work is covered by Healthkeepers but I was totally unaware of the cancer insurance not covering Office visits or whatever… my mind is swirling so nothing is being understood right now. But I thank God that I had the presence of mind to take the cancer insurance when it was offered when I was last working! Comparatively speaking, paying a copay for an office visit here and there is nothing compared to what it could have been without the cancer insurance.

I think I will go take a nap!

Finally home!

I have been on a pet sitting job since last Saturday and it sure feels fantastic to be home! The weirdest thing was I could not get online from there which is totally unusual! I tried everything I knew to do, which wasn’t much and messed a few things up, then my youngest son came over and straightened out what I had done but still we couldn’t get online so I’m guessing it was their router that was the problem.

I had a hard time being away from home his time,I have so much to do and so little time to do it. I began to feel sick while I was there: ear ache, sore throat, sinus pain so I went to PCP. He said there didn’t seem to be any problems he could see but he put me on antibiotics anyways since I’m getting ready to have surgery. I’m thinking it was a Fibro thing, mine tends to act like that sometimes, fibro is weird!

Now my husband is sick, in fact he began to feel sick the same exact day I began only he really is sick! He’s been in bed for days! And the poor boy had two neighborhood pet sitting jobs to do along with the guys doing our floors and also taking care of our pets!

I have noticed that the closer I get to surgery date I am having trouble sleeping at night which is strange because I take meds to get to sleep! I seem to just lay there and in my mind I see myself going through the surgery and what happens afterward. And sometimes I hear my Dr tell me that once they got in the breasts they found so much more so they took both breasts and I will have to go through chemo. I guess it is the hidden fears of the heart.

I have been feeling emotional more and more. I’ve been getting ticked off at my husband because of something he would say when we are talking on the phone – I’m sure he doesn’t know it because I don’t act out, no reason to make someone else miserable just because I’m having a hard time. I’ve been having Fibro fog a lot lately and add stress over things that are going on, I’ve been a real mess. One afternoon , as I was backing out of the driveway, I hit my clients driveway lamp and almost knocked it down (It turned out to be okay).

And then today I saw “The Bucket List” – I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time, didn’t know what it was all about other than two guys make a list of things they would like to do and then go do them. Now that movie was a real tear jerker!

Well, the good thing is I made enough on this job to cover the expenses for that trip to Faeriecon so I won’t have that hanging over my head!

Anyhow, it is good to be home and back in Cyberspace!

15 November 2010

Back from Faericon.

Lamps in restaurant.

Me and Fae Magazine Faerie

Me and my Bobby

Me and My Elven friends

Faerie persona




A most beautiful faerie!

An Autumn Faerie.

Another Autumn Faerie.

Billie, the Green Man.

Billie again.

Faerie model with Gwen in background.

Event Photographer

Brian Froud

Wendy Froud

Carving on a bench in Lobby

Same bench

09 November 2010

It is so hard to be a Pollyanna type person....

Do you know that the situation with a particular person hurt me more than knowing I have cancer! I have two sons by him, how can he be so unfeeling and so unspiritual as to act that way? Geesh, he is a bible School teacher, for pete’s sake!

I remember when we separated I tried to keep things upbeat between us because of the boys. One day he told me I had to face reality and realize that this isn’t Miami Vice where the divorced parents were kind and helpful to each other because they had a daughter (Don Johnson’s character). Can you believe that? But then again, his mother threatened to have me arrested for harrassment if I called her because I left my children!

And you know what, I remember one time my husband and I were coming back from th mountains and heard there was a tornado that touched down in the area they lived in. I called immediately to see if everyone was alright and if there was something I could do to help and the X’s wife told me that they were fine and they didn’t need my help and never would and to stop calling for stuff like that! Can you believe that?

My husband says I need to find a way to forget that man and get him out of my life but it is hard because 1) we were married for 17 years and 2) we have two sons who look very much like him.

But, I’ve got to find a way to do this ver

Though I am not taking Chemo I would love a button that says I Am Blonde and have Fibro and Cancer Fog... What is YOUR Problem!

05 November 2010

One thing to never ever do.......

especially if you have Fibromyalgia:

Never never never ever start at one end of your long house and do squats all the way to the other end of your house!!!!!!! Oh My Mercy!!!!

There are times when I hate  "The Biggest Loser!" It inspires me to hurt myself!

04 November 2010

A special message from special friends

Years ago my husband and I met a fantastic singer from Scotland while he was on tour here in America. We have kept in touch. today I received a precious message from him:

"Bruce and Sandra Davies"
"Julia Ruane-Smith"

Thanks Julia,
You're a great writer, I love to positive way of thinking.  That will serve you well on this journey.  We'll be continuing to remember you in our prayers.

All the best, Bruce


Please check out his websites and videos, you will love him as much as we do!

Re: Bruce Davies news and CD Special Offer

Bruce Davies
PO Box 7, Glenrothes, Fife, KY6 1YG, Scotland, UK
"...a voice in a million..." BBC Celtic Roots

03 November 2010

This email is not from Yahoo, so not follow its directions!

DEAR YAHOO WEBMAIL ACCOUNT USERS TERMINATION OF YOUR YAHOO WEBMAIL ACCOUNT We are currently carrying out an upgrade on our system due to the fact that it has come to our notice that one or more of our subscribers are introducing a very strong virus into our system and it is affecting our network.We are trying to find out the specific person. For this reason all subscribers are to provide their USER NAME AND PASSWORD for us to verify and have them cleared against this virus. Failure to comply will lead to the termination of your Account in the next 48 hours. Information to send; EMAIL ADDRESS: USERNAME: PASSWORD: Hoping to serve you better. Sincerely, YAHOO Webmail Support ********************************************************************** ********************** This is an Administrative Message from YAHOO Mail server. It is not spam. From time to time, YAHOO mail server will send you such messages in order to communicate important information about your subscription. ********************************************************************** **********************

02 November 2010

Today is a day.

Went and got a partial perm so it would make it so much easier to fix my poofiness on top of my head. As soon as I walked in to the ‘School’ I should have walked right back out! I could see the fear on their faces – I have baby fine hair with grey, silver, and white mingled in. I heard someone whisper “Don’t she know Black people don’t know how to deal with her kinda hair?” I’m thinking, ‘Um, this is a school, you come here to learn.’

The girl I got was real sweet, had a gentle touch until she put the rollers in… I found out later she had rolled my hair so tight that my scalp was bleeding! I had to keep reminding them to come check my hair – explained to them that my hair doesn’t take the perm the same way twice so you have to keep a close eye on it.

Once it was finished, they didn’t want to blow it dry, said it would make the curls frizz, I insisted, then they wouldn’t let me curl my hair with my own curling rod that I brought with me – they would charge me $16 if I did it! I had other places to go but I wasn’t going anywhere looking like that! LOL I won’t be going back there!

Then I get home and I have messages letting me know that my surgery has been scheduled so I had to call them: December 10… looks like I won’t be doing my Christmas pet sitting job this year. And the Plastic Surgeons office said that my PCP only gave them a referal for one appt and they need more than that so I had to call them and get that arranged. Called and they said that the other office had to call the Insurances and work that out with them, so they called the Plastic Surgeons office for me to get them straight.

I am trying to get some writing done for National Write a Novel Month, need to write something like a 500,000 word novel in a month. Last year I made it 16,000. Oh well, I do what I can do, right? LOL

01 November 2010

November and stuff

Last night while designing a picture dealing with killing cancer, I started watching a movie called "Four Extrordinary Women." It was written from the eyes of a college age man and it is about four different women who are invaded with breast cancer. I wasn't able to get very far into it because 'Trick or treat' time had arrived and I had to dress up our dogs so they can great every one oat the door. Believe it or not, these dogs, who bark and scare the whaleyburger out of everyone who walks by our fence, loves to dress up and stand all pretty like and sweet at the door while we hand out candy! I will be putting pictures up in a little while in my photos so keep an eye out!

NanoWriMo has started! I must write 500,000 words of a novel in one month. I wish they would have picked a month in which nothing was going on! Thanksgiviing and heading into Christmas makes November a rough month... maybe January, that seems to be the month in the year not much goes on so a person could prime their imagination and practice their penmanship and typing! But I am not the one who is in power so November it is.

This year November is going to be soooooo busy for me it isn't funny! Getting costumes created for the Faeriecon, going to Faeriecon, Drs visits, Thanksgiving, trying not to keep a constant flow of thought concerning what is going on with my body, Pet sitting over Thanksgiving, and getting ready for surgery. (I think I will let the hubster put up the tree this year because I will be gone over Thanksgiving and then having surgery. I think putting up the tree will be a good distraction for him.
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