09 November 2010

It is so hard to be a Pollyanna type person....

Do you know that the situation with a particular person hurt me more than knowing I have cancer! I have two sons by him, how can he be so unfeeling and so unspiritual as to act that way? Geesh, he is a bible School teacher, for pete’s sake!

I remember when we separated I tried to keep things upbeat between us because of the boys. One day he told me I had to face reality and realize that this isn’t Miami Vice where the divorced parents were kind and helpful to each other because they had a daughter (Don Johnson’s character). Can you believe that? But then again, his mother threatened to have me arrested for harrassment if I called her because I left my children!

And you know what, I remember one time my husband and I were coming back from th mountains and heard there was a tornado that touched down in the area they lived in. I called immediately to see if everyone was alright and if there was something I could do to help and the X’s wife told me that they were fine and they didn’t need my help and never would and to stop calling for stuff like that! Can you believe that?

My husband says I need to find a way to forget that man and get him out of my life but it is hard because 1) we were married for 17 years and 2) we have two sons who look very much like him.

But, I’ve got to find a way to do this ver

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