30 November 2010

Miscellaneous craziness

My husband says I watch way "Ghost Hunter" type shows!

My husband is sick with a bad cold so he is sleeping in his office. I woke up last night about 3 AM and noticed a white light standing next to his side of the bed. I lay there and watched it a while. It looked like a man standing there... I looked away then back again to see if it would go away, nope still standing there. The two cats trying to crowd me off the edge of the bed weren't reacting to this apparition. So I said "Burton, is that you?" No answer. Hmmmmmm. So I turned the light on and the apparition was gone. I sat quietly for a second pondering if I should go check on my man to see if he was still around but some really loud snoring was dancing down the hall so I knew he was okay. Turned the light off and there was the apparition again. Hmmmm. I looked around, rolled over to my husband's side of the bed and noticed that there was a white light coming out of the back of his clock radio... it was reflecting off my satiny curtains! "Debunked!" I said and rolled back over to my side of the bed. Then I thought "My curtains are pine green, shouldn't they reflect green? Ah well, I ain't going to bother with it." Back to sleep I went. Maybe it was the wine... but we've had these curtains for almost a year, why hadn't I noticed Casper before?

Found some cool Pink eyeliner at Sephora's: Pink Glitter called "Groupie." I bought it but man, $18 for eye liner! I won't be shopping there too often! Of course the bottle will last forever and a day, not like the pencils I found later in Walmart. I have black, blue, and green glitter eyeliners (can't tell I like glitter, can ya!). I have glitter and pink glitter lip plumper (I've got them old lady lips and they need some help - plumper is better than needle botox!) and pink glitter nail polish. On Fridays I wear glitter on my cheeks, use to make people think I was nutz when I worked, then again they had already figured that one out!

Ever like to do things out of the ordinary just to kinda make people wonder about ya? Today I wore my silk Faerie gloves that I got at Faeriecon. You should have seen the looks! One guy asked me if I knitted them, I said no they were spun. The look on his face was priceless!

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