02 November 2010

Today is a day.

Went and got a partial perm so it would make it so much easier to fix my poofiness on top of my head. As soon as I walked in to the ‘School’ I should have walked right back out! I could see the fear on their faces – I have baby fine hair with grey, silver, and white mingled in. I heard someone whisper “Don’t she know Black people don’t know how to deal with her kinda hair?” I’m thinking, ‘Um, this is a school, you come here to learn.’

The girl I got was real sweet, had a gentle touch until she put the rollers in… I found out later she had rolled my hair so tight that my scalp was bleeding! I had to keep reminding them to come check my hair – explained to them that my hair doesn’t take the perm the same way twice so you have to keep a close eye on it.

Once it was finished, they didn’t want to blow it dry, said it would make the curls frizz, I insisted, then they wouldn’t let me curl my hair with my own curling rod that I brought with me – they would charge me $16 if I did it! I had other places to go but I wasn’t going anywhere looking like that! LOL I won’t be going back there!

Then I get home and I have messages letting me know that my surgery has been scheduled so I had to call them: December 10… looks like I won’t be doing my Christmas pet sitting job this year. And the Plastic Surgeons office said that my PCP only gave them a referal for one appt and they need more than that so I had to call them and get that arranged. Called and they said that the other office had to call the Insurances and work that out with them, so they called the Plastic Surgeons office for me to get them straight.

I am trying to get some writing done for National Write a Novel Month, need to write something like a 500,000 word novel in a month. Last year I made it 16,000. Oh well, I do what I can do, right? LOL

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear - it's only 50,000 words! Not to worry :D
Sorry about your bad perm experience - hopefully it turned out okay!!

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