01 February 2011

Home from First Chemo Session.

I had an actually good day, no nausea, I just crocheted and talked to a few people. I did wear my Elven ears and everyone loved it! When I was in the Lab, I had my hair in front of my ears and the tips were just poking out, the Nurses insisted that I put my hair behind my ears and from that point we really began enjoying the looks I got. One guy gave me the Spock “Live long and prosper” sign, one lady came all the way to where I was sitting to talk to me about my ears, a Nurse came over and told me that the Patients in the next pod really loved my ears!My husband and son took pictures and I will post them later on.
Now I dressed for cold but the room for some reason was quite warm, was sweating at one point. Maybe next time I’ll wear my faerie dress and ears and bring something to put on if it gets cold.
The Nurse told me day 2 and 3 will be the problem. I go tomorrow for my shot. Oh boy, I love needles…

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