29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I didn't get up and watch the whole wedding, got to see the double kiss on the balcony though. Princess Katherine was beautiful and Prince William handsome. They were such cute little birds and I am glad that Princess Diana brought Prince William up to know what it was like to be a normal person and I could see that on the balcony scene. Yes, Princess Diana was there in spirit and in everything that Prince William did, he has always been a charming down to earth person.

I heard a comment made somewhere along the line by Barabara Walters (I think) that Prince Charles always hated to be the center of attention... excuse me, it use to irritate his royal britches that Princess Diana could upstage him just by smiling! There were many things that could be talked about during the Balcony scene but to say something about Charles that 'wasn't "quite" true was out of place. Just my unsolicited honest opinion.

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