31 May 2011

New wig and new foster dog!

I had a very peaceful pet sitting job this time, some of the last ones were stressful and I didn’t know why (it was the cancer but I hadn’t been diagnosed as of yet). I couldn’t get online at all so I went to Ollie’s and got a book by Beverley Lewis – she writes the Amish Stories – and read the whole book! I also did a lot of crocheting, praying, sitting outside enjoying cool breezes and sunshine dancing in the trees, and the people skiing and boating. And one night I slipped into the pool after putting the dogs to bed. All that said, it is good to be home!

Just before I left for the job we got a new foster dog named Jacob. He is a cute Shelty but he ain’t the brightest bulb in the pack!

Went to Radiation today, I am starting to feeling some burning and pain. I have some lotions for this but I see the Doc tomorrow and will see if there is a stronger pain lotion I can get.

This afternoon I went to Creative Images and got a new wig! It is a very dark blonde with red and dark brown streaks. The style reminds me of how my hair was last summer only it was blonderer then! I also had the lady trim the long dark blonde wig and thin it out a bit – I’m use to thin thick hair!

The bangs are flat

The bangs are curled with a curly iron which they say can’t be done. Never underestimate the power of a blonde! LOL

This past week I took a thumb drive to the place that makes my tee shirts and had some short sleeve ones made. They seem to be a tool that God uses to bring women across my path who are in need of a person who understands what they are going through. I now have a new young friend from Elizabeth City, NC whom I met in a Thrift store in Chesapeake, Va (I didn’t feel like going in there but there was nudge in my heart so I went).

Hope you all had a great holiday vacation!

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