22 June 2011

Yesterday was a real eye opener!

After I graduated from Radiation class all happy that the worst was over, I went upstairs to talk to the Head of Billing. While chatting with the Receptionist a lady came flying out from the back, grabbing the wall, hyperventalating and calling for someone, tears streaming down her face, a haunted look in her eyes. I immediately asked her what was wrong and started to head to her. She kept mumbling someone’s name. Receptionist called for said person then escorted her to a room and I heard her say “It’s my son.” The Lady I needed to talk to arrived and as we were talking the woman began to wail and scream. A pile of women entered the room and closed the door but there was no way to miss her mothers heart pain and screaming.

I finished my business and left praying all the way home. Later on in the day I called the Receptionist and asked about her and she said she had just received word that her son had been hit in Afghanistan, at that time they had no other news. (What idiot would call a mother from across the world to tell her her son has been hit but have no other info to give her leaving her to think the worst!) The Receptionist said that she had received word that they had been hit but no one was killed and her son had a mild concussion. I would so like to get the name of said Military person and report him to his commander, that is just so not right!

I was still happy over my graduation but my heart was heavy for that lady and realizing once again how fragile life is and how it could be gone in a breath.

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