30 September 2011

Cosmetics Industry and Breast Cancer

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and this disturbs me.


Watch Raise a Stink! Video

I love to wear perfumes but some give me Panic Attacks so I use perfume oils instead. I someone told me about this video, watched it and I am very upset over this! To think that a leading group against Breast Cancer commissioned a perfume that has chemicals in it that have been banned by International Perfume Association, what are they thinking! Please watch this video and go on from there... Stand up for your rights to be healthy!

Watch Raise a Stink! Video


Gouging Customers

I went into Walmart yesterday to buy some Dr Pepper and received quite the shock! A day or two before the soda was $1.25, now they had a displaying for the drink with a sign over it saying $1.28 - was $1.48 and the bottles had coupons on them for (get this) save 35 cents... Er 1.48-35 is 1.13!  Not only are they gouging the customer, they can't even get simple math correct!

I think it is time to drink just water!
And you guys learn Math!
And quit gouging your customers!!!!!!

PUMA Project Pink

PUMA Project Pink

You can make a difference - help find a cure for Breast Cancer! Go Vote!

29 September 2011

The sign of a Genius' Mind...

No this is not my office, it belongs to bernadetteambergen who does very interesting and beautiful work! You should check out her Face Book: http://www.facebook.com/people/Bernadette-Ambergen/1675642097

28 September 2011

Dr's, Pills, and Holistic Methods.

I got the results today for the bone density test that I had yesterday and they said I had Ostepina which is something between normal and osteoporosis and immediately they said to take yet another pill. I take so many pills that sometimes I wonder why I can eat! 

So being the inquistive person who is learning to be my own health advocate I did a Google search and found that I can increase my bone density through exercise which can easily be added to the exercise regime I have now. I appreciate all that Dr's do for us but sometimes they need to take a step back and think of a more natural way to deal with situations instead of trying all kinds of meds that the Pharmaceutical Reps palm off on them after they go to meetings to get their CEU's (Continuing Education Units - they are required to have a certain number of CEU's a year to keep their liscenses). I learned about this when I worked in a Call Center years ago for a company that set up dinner meetings and classes for Drs to attend .Some of the meetings are like lobbying Dr's, telling them of new meds that are either on the market or coming on the market. I'm not pointing fingers at the Dr's because they have to learn about the new techniques and meds that are coming out on the market, I just wish they would be able to offer non-prescriptive and more natural ways to take care of some situations. Sure, some situations can't be helped through vitamins, minerals, teas, and exercises, but some can and I really wish some Dr's would offer these to people.

I wonder if the Drs could be offered CEU's in holistic methods along with the other stuff they learn.

26 September 2011

Post Mammogram post.

Today I had my 1 yr mammogram, yes, it has been 1 yr since they discovered the cancer in my Breast. Up until this morning I wasn't nervous, but I had to take an Xanax before I left to go. I've had many mammo's but none hurt like this one did! After the painful proceedure I watched the screen as they brought up the pictures and I noticed a small with thing in my left girl. They redid that breast and said upon looking at the second set of pics, every thing was fine. They had taken the second set because everything was different since the Dr had done some reconstruction and they wanted to make sure so they would have something to compare it to in 6 months. Oh great, every 6 months! Before long my girls will be dragging just like they were before the surgery! Oh well, at least I will still have them!

Being as the girls are so sore, I will not be doing my power walking... they need a rest. And right now I could use a nap!

25 September 2011

It has been an airshow weekend!

I have had this talented group of jets flying over the house since Thursday:

Recognise them? They are the Blue Angels. I've been able to see them flying in formation right over the house and back yard. The other night they were flying so low that they broke the sound barrior so bad that I thought a tree had fallen on the house! The dogs jumped up and were freaking out, I was freaked out because it wasn't my house!

Then today as I was playing frisbee with RJ:

When a military jet flew by so low I could almost make out the writing on the side of the plane!

I totally appreciate all that the Military does for us and all these pilots go through to learn how to fly the planes but couldn't they take a page from the UFO's and fly quietly?

24 September 2011

My new sport?

I love to run, gotta love that runners high! Feels like flying! I use to run with my husband and sometimes by myself, unfortunately I am a bit clumsy and if I forget to pay attention to my feet while running or even walking, the girl could go down! No kidding! And there have been times when I came home from my run cut up and bleeding.... yes, I have stories about it, many stories!

 "Me during a run!"

Anyways, after fracturing a bone in the top of my foot two years ago and slipping on a scatter rug in which the same foot twisted over and a tendon or ligament yanked a chip of bone off the ankle of the same foot that I fractured the year before, I discovered race walking.

This form of racing uses the hips, looks funny, and has been an Olympic Sport since 1904. So I got a book on it and started working on my technique. I have hurt my hip once or twice practicing it - would you expect anything else? I was race walking today and I hurt the bottoms of my feet - I wonder if anyone else has done this or am I the one and only with the honor?

Check out the video:

I can't resist adding this one!

23 September 2011

And it continues on....

Well, things didn't end this morning, more crazy things happened this afternoon! I had gone to Walmart out in Va Beach and on the way home when suddenly the light showing the gear I was in started blinking and suddenly the speedometer hit zero! Freaked me out driving on the Internet,er, the InterState, not being able to know how fast I was going so I put on my caution blinkers,  slowed down, and drove in the far right lane. As if that wasn't enough, after I got home I discovered that one of the claws was bent out leaving the bottom of my heart shaped alexandrite engagement ring open!

I called my husband and told him what was going on. He then said the electric garage door won't open, happened last night. No clue what is wrong with it.

It has been a long week with weird stuff going on! Me and the dogs I am watching weren't feeling good for a day or so, the Blue Angels have been practicing right over the house since Thursday, and it started raining or storming when I was going to do my walking/jog the last two days.

Well, good thing I have a wacky sense of humor!

Morning is broken.....

Last night I saw my first slug of the Summer, yes, I said of the Summer! Can you believe that one? Usually they are all over the place. I wonder if they have started the journey to the highlands to get away from 2012... LOL

This morning I was awakened at 7 to a text picture message showing  me what my husband found when he walked into the kitchen this morning: a huge wet spot on the ceiling that had busted open. We have another wet spot in the bedroom near my closet. I'd show you the uninteresting picture but I can't figure out how to get to it on my computer... I am not the most computer savy person in the world. Looks like we will be having company in the form of roof fixers!

Then I went to feed the dogs and found the food container had become an ant farm! They were everywhere marching in and out of the container and swimming in dry dog food.

And I discovered that when I went out yesterday to pick up something I really needed I forgot to get it! Chemo brain strikes again!

22 September 2011

I almost think this one would be better!

Needs some curly bangs and the hair in the back should be long.... maybe in a braid? How cool would that be?

But then again maybe my old hair style would look more like me....

Looking for a new hairstyle....

This one?

 Or this one?

Watcha think? 

21 September 2011

Today's challenge is....

I have been so busy lately that I haven't been to half of my forums. I went to Chicago with my husband on a business trip (packing for that was a challenge because hubby prefers to just use carry-ons - that will never happen again! Too much thinking and work goes into that kind of packing especially when you have a dressy dinner to go to.), and now I am Pet Sitting. I've spent a good deal crocheting though. I finished 2 granny square afghans last night and started a corner to corner Christmas colored afghan.

Today I am so sleepy! Sometimes when I pet sit I become like a teenager and stay up late watching TV which I've done two nights in a row so now I am ready for a nap. Unfortunately I have to drive to my Drs office, pick up a script, go home and do the paperwork, drop it off at the mailbox, hit Walmart, then drive back to Pet's House. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be too bad but it has been raining all morning... not in the mood to drive in the rain.

The Service Jets have been practicing for t1he air show this weekend. These planes sometimes fly so low that I feel like I could reach up and grab a wing! And are they loud!!!!! I have to stop what I am doing and plug my ears because they feel like they are going to pop!

But I appreciate the pilots and all they are doing because they are practicing to be ready to defend our great nation at a seconds notice! I do get a wee bit irritated when they start practicing late at night but they do need to practice night flying, too...God bless them all!

20 September 2011

The River House.

I often Pet Sit for a friend who has three dogs, a cat, and a bird and I love doing it! The house is located on a river inlet that feeds into the ocean and they have a pool! It is an old family house, has been added onto, has a large piece of land, a fenced in back yard, a pier, and two old gnarly trees that I adore!

The view from the Sun room or back yard is of some beautiful fancy homes that remind me of the house nick nacks that I see in stores:

And of course there are the fur babies (will post picture of cat later)





I must admit RJ is my favorite! He is funny and loveable! Here is a picture of him going after his frisbee:

                                                             Walking on water.

Can't beat this, now can ya!


18 September 2011

Army of Women

At least one million women are needed to fight in the war against Breast Cancer. Please check out this site and join if you want to help!

Julia Ruane-Smith
Cancer Survivor

17 September 2011


I have journaled since I was a teenager and loved it! It was a great way to yell, scream, shout, and express myself but there was always that fear that someone would find my journal and read it. I found my Mom a couple of times rooting through my bedroom looking for the journal. Having someone read one's private thoughts is always a danger. At one point in my young life I got tired of dragging them around and threw them out - this was a long time ago and I don't think people were paranoid about their private information being found like it is now but I was young and stupid so who knows.

Anyways, I started up again in the 1980's and I have a trunk full of journals. Why do I journal and why do I keep them? At one point in my life I did think I might become well known for my writing and art so that was a good reason to keep them so all the world would know my private thoughts etc. Yeah, like that is going to happen.

I read a book called "Harvesting Your Journals : Writing Tools to Enhance Your Growth & Creativity" by Alison Strickland and Rosalie Deer Heart and decided to do what they said to do. I started reading through my journals and soon realized that there was stuff in them that could be damaging to other people and I don't want that to happen. Now I am deciding exactly what to do with them, copy the neutral things, the things that would be important for my family to know, things that would reveal the real me to my children, then destroy the paper journals? Handwriting a journal is like a piece of art to me, I love to handwrite letters and cards, stories, poems,etc. Hmph. Maybe I should just fill a journal then burn it. I'm not one to get mad and cuss for pages like many people do so I wouldn't want others to know that inner me, I would definitely burn those babies! 

I have a computer journal called "LifeJournal" and I write down family info, health info, writing info, and some personal insight among other things. And I have this blog and face book (which is not really journaling but chatting with people and adding superficial stuff like that). I am torn over that in some aspects because I love to hand write! I'm so stinking confused! Don't know what to do!

If I were a famous person or at least a well known person for my talents then I could see writing a journal and keeping it, but I am little old me, no one famous so who will want to read the ramblings of a gray haired woman.

Gee, I'm not confused now am I! LOL

Adding Adsense to Blog.

I am trying to figure out how to add some more Adsense advertisements to my blog but am having trouble. I've been to the how to section, added a couple of gadgets on the sidebar hoping that would open up some spaces but nothing seems to be doing anything. HELP!

16 September 2011

While in Chicago...

I was able to catch up with one of my great friends from High School: Denise Green.

Denise and I went to Norfolk Catholic High School before they moved it to Virginia Beach and renamed it Bishop Wm Sullivan Catholic High. The original school, which was located next to DePaul Hospital on Granby St in Norfolk, Va, was tore down and a Senior Citizen Complex was built there.... guess they were getting ready for all us that went to the school! LOL

 I also got to get together with one of my "Blog for a Cure" sisters named Yosie.


is a Blog for people with cancer or caretakers where they can talk about what is going on in their lives and their cancer journey, cry, chat, scream, let others cry on their shoulders, and make friends with people who understand what they are going through.

Yosie is wonderful and a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to meeting more of my "Blog for a Cure" Family!
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