23 September 2011

And it continues on....

Well, things didn't end this morning, more crazy things happened this afternoon! I had gone to Walmart out in Va Beach and on the way home when suddenly the light showing the gear I was in started blinking and suddenly the speedometer hit zero! Freaked me out driving on the Internet,er, the InterState, not being able to know how fast I was going so I put on my caution blinkers,  slowed down, and drove in the far right lane. As if that wasn't enough, after I got home I discovered that one of the claws was bent out leaving the bottom of my heart shaped alexandrite engagement ring open!

I called my husband and told him what was going on. He then said the electric garage door won't open, happened last night. No clue what is wrong with it.

It has been a long week with weird stuff going on! Me and the dogs I am watching weren't feeling good for a day or so, the Blue Angels have been practicing right over the house since Thursday, and it started raining or storming when I was going to do my walking/jog the last two days.

Well, good thing I have a wacky sense of humor!

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