06 September 2011

Another day of stuff to do.

Yesterday I did one of my least liked thing to do: GO SHOPPING! I checked out some Mall stores that were having great sales but found absolutely nothing useful or what I did find wasn't my size. Getting older and plumper wrecks havoc on a woman's already fatigued mind. So today I will try again and hit a few  Thrift Shops and see if I can find a few feminine tops that I can put together for casual and semi dress affairs. I haven't been to anything in years that required dressing up for but this chubby ole lady now needs to find something by the weekend! What happened to the Summer? How did this trip to Chicago sneak up on me?

I took some sewing lessons to learn how to use my 1987 Kenmore sewing machine that I got brand new in 1987, figured it was about time. I want to be able to sew my won clothes, designs some Mersea originals.... giggle....oh boy, another creative outlet! But I do need clothes so how can I get a wardrobe without having to hit the Malls or Walmart? Make them and they wouldn't be what everyone else is wearing.

Speaking of Wally World, I've got to go there today. going there isn't too bad. I get yarn, food, make-up, and stuff there. I'm keeping an eye on Walmart People to see if I show up on that sight because sometimes I show up wearing elf ears with the idea of letting screaming kids see them and making them think I am one of Santa's Spies.... it has worked on more than one occassion!

I can't wait until my hair is longer! Right now it is a very short style that is non-styled, it is growing out on its own. The ends are flipping up in the back and extremely wavy on top. The only time in my life my hair was life this is when I got a perm. I don't care what anyone says, I don't feel feminine at all at this time. I've always had felt better with long hair, it is that Victorian blood that runs through my veins along with a few other things that likes to make deposits in my brain and get me confused.

My heritage is English, Irish, and Native American - that is why I am always at war with myself! And with that coursing through my blood, I have Fibro Fog and Chemo brain hanging out in my brain like I need help acting blonde - I was BORN Blonde, no help needed in that category!

Until next time,

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