15 September 2011

Back from Chicago!

I am so tired! Phew! Chicago is quite the place reminds me a little of Paris, France  with their transportation system, Really good only I could read the schedule here, but that didn't help because I didn't know where I was going. I reverted to walking a lot and believe me, my feet and legs were not happy, they are very angry!

Chicago is a tall city with all shapes and size of buildings: saw one building that looked like a flower, another sorta zig zagged about. I'm not claustraphobic but trying to get around there  with its tall building one right after another and having to look straight up to see the sky did make me feel encaged in a cell! Couldn't see when the sun came up or went down when you were in the streets except by the fact the light came and went away.

There were two things that I noticed about the Chicagoians - they did tons of walking and I noticed more thinner people than not ( figured the larger people were there visiting or on business), the second thing I noticed that disgusted me was that everyone and their mother smoked! Now I know a lot of people use the excuse that smoking helps them keep warm in the winter but it was not winter! And it was a lot of young people smoking ciggies and cigars. Disgusting! I'm glad we don't see as much of smoking as I saw in Chicago!

Our swanky hotel was unfortunately located right across the small street from a community hospital which meant that there was always the sound of ambulances sounding off. This caused nightmares almost each night, one in particular was about being tested for cancer and the man in the bed line before me was diagnosed with brain cancer. Glad to be hme where sirens are not heard in abundance!!!!

Taking this trip made me realize more just how much I have not recooperated  from all I went through during the cancer dance. I did spend a couple of days doing just a little bit then crashing the rest of the days. I really liked the walking but I am not a shopper so I spent some time looking about stores with the other wives then cut out early because I had arrangements to meet some friends.

This trip helped me realize I am pushing myself too hard to get back to where I was and that I am a new person and I prolly will never get back to that place.

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