28 September 2011

Dr's, Pills, and Holistic Methods.

I got the results today for the bone density test that I had yesterday and they said I had Ostepina which is something between normal and osteoporosis and immediately they said to take yet another pill. I take so many pills that sometimes I wonder why I can eat! 

So being the inquistive person who is learning to be my own health advocate I did a Google search and found that I can increase my bone density through exercise which can easily be added to the exercise regime I have now. I appreciate all that Dr's do for us but sometimes they need to take a step back and think of a more natural way to deal with situations instead of trying all kinds of meds that the Pharmaceutical Reps palm off on them after they go to meetings to get their CEU's (Continuing Education Units - they are required to have a certain number of CEU's a year to keep their liscenses). I learned about this when I worked in a Call Center years ago for a company that set up dinner meetings and classes for Drs to attend .Some of the meetings are like lobbying Dr's, telling them of new meds that are either on the market or coming on the market. I'm not pointing fingers at the Dr's because they have to learn about the new techniques and meds that are coming out on the market, I just wish they would be able to offer non-prescriptive and more natural ways to take care of some situations. Sure, some situations can't be helped through vitamins, minerals, teas, and exercises, but some can and I really wish some Dr's would offer these to people.

I wonder if the Drs could be offered CEU's in holistic methods along with the other stuff they learn.

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