09 September 2011

Fly away...

I am leaving for Chicago tomorrow and I will be using my favorite mode of transportation: FLYING! I have always loved to fly, always! For me it is freeing, seeing the world from God's view point, enjoying the birds play ground, feeling like an angel in the sky. I don't get to travel by plane often but when I do but I sure do enjoy the whaleyburger out it! I especially love to fly along the coast at sunset, seeing sunset from the sky is a whole knew experience! Gorgeous!

We are flying Southwest airlines, seems we always use Southwest, they aren't a bad airline from what I have seen of it. The only thing they need to do is get Dr Pepper! There is no substitute for Dr Pepper, especially not Mr Pibb or Dr Thunder! If I am in a restaurant and Dr Pepper is not available I will drink water unless I have brought a bottle of DP with me.

Well, I need to go pack. I am trying to figure out how to pack everything I need to bring into two carry-on bags.Not easy because I always over pack. I want to bring my art sketchbook and pencils, yarn (lately I have become OC about crocheting - I make afghans then donate them to CHKD, American Cancer Society, and a few other charities so I feel naked without yarn and a needle nearby). I found and bought two giant size purse bags that will fit my purse stuff, my camera, a book, maybe my laptop (not sure I will bring mine but hubby will have his), sketchbook and pencils, a notebook, other stuff, a yarn and a crochet kit. Hubby can carry on the two suitcases with our clothes in them so we will be set.

Okay, I'm off to pack... wish me luck in getting everything into my bags!!!!!

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Julia aka Mersea said...

My second favorite mode of traveling is by horseback though I've never really gone long distance that way... felt like it though the last time I went riding! LOL

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