07 September 2011

For some crazy reason as I was doing some paperwork two separate incidents came to mind at the same time, totally related, totally funny, but it was how God let me know that it was not good for my skinny self to wear a bikini anymore!

The first incident was when I went to the beach with a bunch of Charismatic kids I hung with. We were body surfing and having a ball. After one really big wave a guy friend came over to me and told me to sit down in the water and he would help me find my bathing suit top! Did I want to die? You bet!

You would have thought I would have gotten the message then but nooooooooo. I went with the choir of Rock Church of Virginia Beach to the beach.... in the same black bikini. Someone decided to go water skiing. Cool, I'd never been so I was one of the first to ski. I didn't do too well, kept bum skiing. Then there came a time when I totally lost it and spun around under the water. I started to get back on the ski's when I discovered I had no bottoms on! I had no clue where they were! Someone threw me a pair of shorts and I got in the boat. When we got to shore, someone grinned and said "Did ya learn yet?"

I have never wore a bikini again!

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