05 September 2011

I am a weird woman!

There is something totally different about me than most women in the world! I hate to shop! I hate shopping malls and now I don't even want to go into Thrift Stores! I've never been much of shopper, I get bored going through clothes especially since I almost faint when I see the prices! I've always been like that.

I am a blue jeans gal, blue jeans pants and blue jeans skirts. Of course right now skirts are out, I am over weight and having a hard time losing it due to having taken Prednezone during chemo. I must admit that I was overweight before chemo started but I was working it off, trying to train to do a half marathon again. Well, the training took a break when I rolled my right foot off the edge of an asphalt road and fractured a bone in the foot. Went through PT and was starting to train again when I was diagnosed with BC. During Chemo I rolled that right foot again and this time a tendon yanked a chip of bone off the ankle. Did PT myself - no sense paying $50 a pop to do the same things as before, right? So I decided when it was done to try my foot at walking race or maybe that should be race walking.... it is a type of fast walking. My feet hurt so bad!

After a month or more of doing 10,000 steps a day race walking I couldn't do it anymore, my feet hurt like a big dog! I thought about it a while and realized it had been years since I had bought a good pair of running/walking shoes. Went to a running store and bought a pair of new shoes. $101! I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach! Remember, I hate shopping - prices - I have Panic Disorder and this is one of the things that causes an attack! I paid quickly and got out of the store before a full attack set in!

I am leaving Friday to go to Chicago and I need some nice clothes but after today's excursion to the Mall I think I will hit a few Thrift stores and see if I can get a couple of shirts that don't make me look like a hot air balloon!

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