17 September 2011


I have journaled since I was a teenager and loved it! It was a great way to yell, scream, shout, and express myself but there was always that fear that someone would find my journal and read it. I found my Mom a couple of times rooting through my bedroom looking for the journal. Having someone read one's private thoughts is always a danger. At one point in my young life I got tired of dragging them around and threw them out - this was a long time ago and I don't think people were paranoid about their private information being found like it is now but I was young and stupid so who knows.

Anyways, I started up again in the 1980's and I have a trunk full of journals. Why do I journal and why do I keep them? At one point in my life I did think I might become well known for my writing and art so that was a good reason to keep them so all the world would know my private thoughts etc. Yeah, like that is going to happen.

I read a book called "Harvesting Your Journals : Writing Tools to Enhance Your Growth & Creativity" by Alison Strickland and Rosalie Deer Heart and decided to do what they said to do. I started reading through my journals and soon realized that there was stuff in them that could be damaging to other people and I don't want that to happen. Now I am deciding exactly what to do with them, copy the neutral things, the things that would be important for my family to know, things that would reveal the real me to my children, then destroy the paper journals? Handwriting a journal is like a piece of art to me, I love to handwrite letters and cards, stories, poems,etc. Hmph. Maybe I should just fill a journal then burn it. I'm not one to get mad and cuss for pages like many people do so I wouldn't want others to know that inner me, I would definitely burn those babies! 

I have a computer journal called "LifeJournal" and I write down family info, health info, writing info, and some personal insight among other things. And I have this blog and face book (which is not really journaling but chatting with people and adding superficial stuff like that). I am torn over that in some aspects because I love to hand write! I'm so stinking confused! Don't know what to do!

If I were a famous person or at least a well known person for my talents then I could see writing a journal and keeping it, but I am little old me, no one famous so who will want to read the ramblings of a gray haired woman.

Gee, I'm not confused now am I! LOL

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