23 September 2011

Morning is broken.....

Last night I saw my first slug of the Summer, yes, I said of the Summer! Can you believe that one? Usually they are all over the place. I wonder if they have started the journey to the highlands to get away from 2012... LOL

This morning I was awakened at 7 to a text picture message showing  me what my husband found when he walked into the kitchen this morning: a huge wet spot on the ceiling that had busted open. We have another wet spot in the bedroom near my closet. I'd show you the uninteresting picture but I can't figure out how to get to it on my computer... I am not the most computer savy person in the world. Looks like we will be having company in the form of roof fixers!

Then I went to feed the dogs and found the food container had become an ant farm! They were everywhere marching in and out of the container and swimming in dry dog food.

And I discovered that when I went out yesterday to pick up something I really needed I forgot to get it! Chemo brain strikes again!

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