24 September 2011

My new sport?

I love to run, gotta love that runners high! Feels like flying! I use to run with my husband and sometimes by myself, unfortunately I am a bit clumsy and if I forget to pay attention to my feet while running or even walking, the girl could go down! No kidding! And there have been times when I came home from my run cut up and bleeding.... yes, I have stories about it, many stories!

 "Me during a run!"

Anyways, after fracturing a bone in the top of my foot two years ago and slipping on a scatter rug in which the same foot twisted over and a tendon or ligament yanked a chip of bone off the ankle of the same foot that I fractured the year before, I discovered race walking.

This form of racing uses the hips, looks funny, and has been an Olympic Sport since 1904. So I got a book on it and started working on my technique. I have hurt my hip once or twice practicing it - would you expect anything else? I was race walking today and I hurt the bottoms of my feet - I wonder if anyone else has done this or am I the one and only with the honor?

Check out the video:

I can't resist adding this one!


Julia aka Mersea said...

Now the rest of my body is doing the exercise ackie breakies, guess I got a good workout!

Fcj said...

Hi Julia, I don't know much about race walking but it makes me giggle watching other people do it, because it looks kind of funny. I should try it sometime.

My husband had a fall quite a few years back and tore all the ligaments on one side of his foot. One of the ligaments pulled a chip of bone off just like in your case. I get jelly knees every time I think about it.

Julia aka Mersea said...

The ankle chip was easier than some other stuff I have been through!

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