26 September 2011

Post Mammogram post.

Today I had my 1 yr mammogram, yes, it has been 1 yr since they discovered the cancer in my Breast. Up until this morning I wasn't nervous, but I had to take an Xanax before I left to go. I've had many mammo's but none hurt like this one did! After the painful proceedure I watched the screen as they brought up the pictures and I noticed a small with thing in my left girl. They redid that breast and said upon looking at the second set of pics, every thing was fine. They had taken the second set because everything was different since the Dr had done some reconstruction and they wanted to make sure so they would have something to compare it to in 6 months. Oh great, every 6 months! Before long my girls will be dragging just like they were before the surgery! Oh well, at least I will still have them!

Being as the girls are so sore, I will not be doing my power walking... they need a rest. And right now I could use a nap!

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