21 September 2011

Today's challenge is....

I have been so busy lately that I haven't been to half of my forums. I went to Chicago with my husband on a business trip (packing for that was a challenge because hubby prefers to just use carry-ons - that will never happen again! Too much thinking and work goes into that kind of packing especially when you have a dressy dinner to go to.), and now I am Pet Sitting. I've spent a good deal crocheting though. I finished 2 granny square afghans last night and started a corner to corner Christmas colored afghan.

Today I am so sleepy! Sometimes when I pet sit I become like a teenager and stay up late watching TV which I've done two nights in a row so now I am ready for a nap. Unfortunately I have to drive to my Drs office, pick up a script, go home and do the paperwork, drop it off at the mailbox, hit Walmart, then drive back to Pet's House. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be too bad but it has been raining all morning... not in the mood to drive in the rain.

The Service Jets have been practicing for t1he air show this weekend. These planes sometimes fly so low that I feel like I could reach up and grab a wing! And are they loud!!!!! I have to stop what I am doing and plug my ears because they feel like they are going to pop!

But I appreciate the pilots and all they are doing because they are practicing to be ready to defend our great nation at a seconds notice! I do get a wee bit irritated when they start practicing late at night but they do need to practice night flying, too...God bless them all!

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