08 September 2011

The walking girl.

So I finally got myself a new pair of walking/running shoes and wore them for a few days to break them in. Today I started power walking again to build up my legs and stamina.It felt so good to be working out again and so far my feet don't hurt! Yee Haw! I bought the book "Prevention Walk Off Weight" and am reading and following along as I go. I also have a book that I've skimmed about Race Walking. Anyhow it felt good!

As I was walking along strutting my stuff I went back in time to when I was a child and all the running and playing I use to do. I totally enjoyed those memories. I've always been one to remember, even as a child I use to love to sit and think of things that I remember happening in my life. I guess you could say I am a memory collector. I'm not doing that 'reliving my life' like they say old people do, this is a matter of something I have always done. I can remember things at a drop of a hat, things no one would have known about. Here is a good example: Last spring as I was walking around the neighborhood I saw a beautiful purple Iris growing near the street. Of course I had to stick my nose in it (after looking for bees - that is a whole other story or stories! LOL). Immediately upon smelling the luscious perfume I was taken back in my mind to a day I was walking along E. Randall Ave in Norfolk, Va and I stopped to sniff an Iris and how it made me feel like I was in heaven and imagining fields of all kinds of flowers all about me! What a joy! Sheer ecstasy! I hope one day I will be able to find an Iris perfume!

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