10 October 2011

Faeriecon 2011

I went to Faeriecon last year right after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer... talk about being out in space! My mind was in a swirl of fog which made the event even more interesting!

This year I am going again and am now trying to create some new costumes. I may use some of the ones I had from last year and change them. I was hoping to be skinnier this year but, well, didn't quite make it, I keep twisting ankles and eating non skinny foods! LOL

I am thinking of getting some angel wings this year, do you think they would know I am not completely angelic?

(Side note: I really miss my long hair!)


Jtillmanct said...

I love Halloween!! I just started making my costume today.. I'm going to be scary Clown

Julia aka Mersea said...

This isn't a halloween thing. It is a gathering of people who love faeries and greenman and crafts and music, there are Balls, exhibit show, concerts, and much more. I went last year and it was a blast! Met some very interesting people and totally enjoyed all the costumes people were wearing!

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