17 October 2011

I think I am

OC! I swannee, if I get a thought in my head to do something I have to do it even if it is in the middle if the night! I've done stuff like think about a ring I have and I have to immediately go get the ring and put it on! I remember one night I was having some weird dreams and they centered around certain stones and rings and I got up after each dream and put the ring on! Sometimes I have several rings on my fingers when I get up and just shake my head at myself! I am a nut case! LOL

When I sit down to write a letter or a story I have to have just the right pen, can't stand a pen that blops! If it blops then it hits the trash can and I get another pen (yes I am a pen fanatic! Someday I'll show you my collection.) and keep on going until I have the right one that makes me feel good.

I went through a time when I got back into quilting and while working on the quilt I finally finished and have on my bed now, I collected a ton of material and filled the entire underside of my bed! I finally decided I had had enough of quilting and I donated my material to CHKD.

Now I am into crocheting afghans, been doing it for about 2 years. It use to be I would only buy enough yarn for one project, then I would pick up some that caught my eye, then I discovered coupons for 40-50% off at my favorite stores and plowie! I have a closet full of yarn! That is okay, crocheting is a portable craft and I never tire of crocheting. Yes, I am OC about crocheting!

                                                So is D.C. He loves crocheting and yarn!

1 comment:

Jtillmanct said...

I thank we all feel OCD sometimes..
I do the same thing with my hobbys.

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