01 October 2011

Small Vent.

I still have not received the results of the one year Mammogram I took this week and it is causing me some anxiety since a white spot was found in the other breast. They were sure that it was nothing, that they are just forming a base line to go by since I had surgery on that breast last year. Okay, fine, but doesn’t anyone stop to think that as a Breast Cancer Survivor that something like this could cause great anxiety in the Survivor? I am now back to sleeping with my Bible for comfort.

I didn’t think I would react to it but after the first day I began to feel anxiety building up in me. I blamed it on caffeine but I knew it wasn’t that. I am feeling saddish and anxiety ridden, yesterday I was teary eyed, and irritated.

I’m trying to hold hands with the old saying “No news is Good news” but my Doc (who had a rare form of eye cancer last year or so) could be out of town for a check up or treatment and they want the Doc to be the one to give me the results.

I wish they would hurry up, I want to go to Faeriecon again this year but I have to put that on hold until I get the results.

Okay, vent over.

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