04 October 2011

Snail Mail - The Postal Service.

As I was laying in bed last night waiting for the sleep angel to come by, I began contemplating restarting my art business. You see I am an artist, pencil and some ink are my medium of choice and I make greeting cards and sometimes tee shirts from my pictures. Suddenly a conversation I had with my mail carrier the other day came to the top of the  pool of thoughts and I was concerned. The Postmaster General is closing a lot of Post Offices due to lack of usage which means people aren't writing letters to one another like they use to and people are losing their jobs as a result. I am concerned not only for the workers who will be unemployed but I realized Greeting cards aren't bought as much like they use to and being that I create greeting cards it is unsettling and now I realize that this is prolly the reason my sales totally dropped off the face of the earth! So now I am going to have to come up with a new business plan, figure out what direction to go in.

I share this info about the Postal Services with you to implore you to begin writing letters and sending cards to friends and loved ones so we can build the Service back up so our Postal workers don't lose their jobs or be forced to early retirement!

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