07 November 2011

Faeriecon 2011

Just got back from Faeriecon 2011, I have to let my impish side go out and play sometimes. I had a great time people, er, faerie watching - gosh I can't believe some of the costumes I saw! Totally elaborate! Anyhow, here are some of the pictures I took:

This is me with my 'Lil' sis Linda Biggs.
We are identical twins only I was born 5 years before her! LOL

This was some crazy faerie that visited my room.

These three ladies and I kept bumping into each other and we couldn't remember each others names!

 And now some of my other friends:

This faeries parasal reminded me of the jelly fish I once swam with by accident...

Wish they had glowed like that before I took that swim!

No Flash

With Flash 
This dude was 6 foot 6 inches without the boots!

I found these dudes serenading in the corner of a hallway...

Sweet little faerie

Bad Faerie

I love the way she glows when I  used the flash on my camera!

And now "Melissa Mermaid!"

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