02 November 2011

November already

Remember when we were kids and time seemed to go so slow and we became very impatient when there were things we wanted to do - especially when we were teenagers? Ach! Well, now I am finding that time has turned the speed on the Merry-go-round to fast and time is just a blurr. Makes me dizzy when it does that because I sometimes can't keep up.

Take for instance right now, I am going on a trip to Faeriecon in Maryland (by myself - it is one of those exercises of sorta facing a fear which is taking a trip alone, the last time I did this I was driving through the mountains in Pennsylvania going towards UpState NY and suddenly driving up a mountain side the accelerator broke. Eventually someone stopped and jerryrigged it for me. Then about a half hour later my car overheated! so the rest of the trip i had to keep stopping and adding water to the radiator Now that was definitely a "Face your fears" trip!) Anyways, little by little I have been creating costumes for the Balls, I've decided not to dress up during the day. Things have been inching forward and my emotions have been been all over the map. I know I have to go because I payed for the trip out of "my own Bucket List money" - can't waste one penny!

So tomorrow I will be heading out on my adventure to Baltimore. I am hoping to enjoy this Faeriecon better than I did last year because last year I had the diagnosis of Breast Cancer hanging over my head and everything I did was in a fog. This year I am a Survivor so hopefully I will be able to concentrate, relax, and enjoy the faerie dust! 

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