25 December 2011

Christmas Eve's Expensive Photo

I have been seeing this gorgeous Log Cabin while driving down country roads to go to Walmart while staying at the Pet sitting job. So on Christmas Eve (yesterday), as I was heading to my house to spend time with my husband and two sons, I decided to go by the Log Cabin and take a picture of it.

I drove slow down Shillealeigh Rd looking for the cabin and passed by the driveway to it so I backed up then went to pull into the driveway so I could take a snap. Unfortunately a little problem occurred… my right front tire missed the driveway and part of my car wound up in a ditch!

After beating my hands on the steering wheel a few times and laughing (I told y’all I had a warped sense of humor!) I got out of the car to try and figure out how to get the car out of the ditch. No way I could do it without a tow truck so I called my husband and told him what was going on, he immediately said call AAA. About that time an Angel in a beautiful silver truck came around the corner, stopped and proceeded to help me. He tied my car to his truck and pulled me out of the ditch. Then he had me pull into the driveway so he could remove the rope. (Up to that point none of the neighbors bothered with me until they saw someone else was helping me.) The Angel checked my car and made sure the bumper (which was twisted) wasn’t going to rub my tire.

While we were checking it out I started giggling. I told him I should have known better to come this way because I woke up thinking about the time my Mom drove her car into a ditch in my yard while she was backing up to leave. I giggled, I had been forewarned but didn’t listen.

By the time all was said and done he said don’t consider this an accident, it was just a BooBoo! That tickled me. As he was leaving I’m sure he was shaking his head because he saw me standing in front of my car taking a picture of the Log Cabin! Figured I may as well take it since I went through so much to get the pic!
By the time I got into the car I was in a full blown Panic Attack – I know about these things because I had decades of Panic Attacks before I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. This was the first really BAD attack I’ve had in a very long time and being as I was having Centralized Focusing I knew I had to stop somewhere to relax a bit and take some Xanax, so I stopped at Walmart, yeah great place to stop on Christmas Eve to calm down! LOL

I wondered around a little bit doing deep breathing exercises to calm down while waiting for the Xanax to kick in…. if it did I didn’t notice. So I called Burton and asked if he wanted something from Subway then ordered our Subs. When I left Walmart I was still in Panic mode. When I got to my car I went to the drivers side to check out the twisted bumper again and I saw a puddle next to my car… I paniced again. I had asked my angel to check the “water heater thing” (we both cracked up when I asked him this, told him my mind wasn’t quite right just yet) and he had said it was fine, but when I saw the puddle I went back into heavy panic mode. I knelt down to see where the water was coming from but was glad to find that someone had just dumped a cup of coffee on the ground near my car! Phew!

As I was driving down Interstate 64 I got mad at myself because I hadn’t thought to have the Angel take pictures of me with the car, I saw the perfect pictures running through my head!Ah well, my boys totally enjoyed the story and seeing the bumper – their follow all the driving rules and made a boo boo! I am sure I will never hear the end of this!

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