13 December 2011

The Compassionate Rat.

I just read this on a friend's Cancer Blog and I thought I would share it with you

The Roots of Compassion

Yesterday I read an incredible story: rats will work hard to free other rats from captivity, and even save chocolate for the trapped rat! When they finally succeed in learning how to open the cage, both the free rat and the newly liberated rat would race about the cage in obvious celebration!

It is further evidence that compassion and empathy are not just occasional human emotions. There must be something very deep within life itself that responds to distress in others. We’ll probably never work out how to demonstrate that in the smallest of creatures, but I have seen myself that a turtle placed upside among other turtles is immediately given help.

Now, while I’m working to strengthen my immune system, I’m going to try to be as compassionate as a rat (but, save some chocolate??? hmmm). Every day, try to relieve some other’s distress; every day be grateful for someone who helps me.

I’ll post a link here and you can find many more via ma google:


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