16 December 2011

Nature Memories

I have always been a person who loves scenery, having Nature all around me. It is one of my pieces of heaven! It also reminds me of places I have been to before and how my reactions to it were. Today I am pet sitting at a house in the country and I am overjoyed with the view from the dining room window: fields and woods. Years ago, when Michael and I and the boys lived on George Washington Hwy in Deep Creek, Va, I use to  go to this road and parked next to this field when I was down... and the scene out the window  reminds me of that special place. It also reminds me of  the scene from Lyons Flats outside of Dolgeville, NY. It also reminds me of the view from the Suffolk House I lived in before I left Michael. (It no longer looks like that anymore - the farmer who owns the land suddenly decided that he had the money to build some small houses that blocked the view from our house.) Oh, it reminds me of the view from a house that the Church in Dennison Corners had for the Pastor of the Church - we ended up not Pastoring but that view has never left me.

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