04 December 2011

Soy here, Soy, there

I am getting really irritated these days reading labels to check for soy products. Last night I was rubbing an All Natural Aloe Vera hand cream on before going to bed and I just happened to think to look at the label and sure enough – there were soy bean stuff in it! Made me mad! Earlier when I was watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” there was a phone call that talked about using soy to make plastic – so there is soy in that movie! LOL But that got me thinking – plastics are made from soy! How do we get away from soy?

I am thinking we should start a petition about taking soy out of foods and sending them to all companies or having a line of non-soy products for people who have cancer that makes them sensitive to soy. That stinking ‘natural product’ could be killing us by feeding our cancers! Or Lobby our Congressmen and educate them about soy. Maybe contact the FDA - I’m getting sick and tired of being excluded from using stuff because it could kill me in the future.
Anybody agree with me?

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