31 December 2011

Today is the Twilight Zone

I can hardly believe a whole year has passed (and a jam packed year it has been!) and I am sitting on the precipice of time watching as the old year slips away into history and a new year is born with all the potential that comes with having a new life. So much to learn from the past year and so much to learn as I dance through each day in the future, days filled with lessons, adventures, field trips, and blessings from everything that happens - good or bad. Amazing! 

This day is what I call a thin place, one of those places through which you can peek into faerie land and see all the joy and power of God, and peer into the fourth dimension of time - being able to see what is going on in two time dimensions at one time. 

As I stand on the precipice this year I see how my life changed because of cancer, I faced fear, I grew, and I learned a lot about myself. I watched and realized even more that my boys are now men and I don't really know them at all for they have changed over the decades since their father and I separated and divorced, I wasn't able to be there for much of what they went through and help them through it - for an 'unspoken' reason I shall not name here. Thank God I am able to have a pleasant relationship with the boys now, it hadn't  always been that way, those first few years were awful for me. Josh told me that yes, he had been very angry and upset with my for leaving but as he grew older he came to recognize the symptoms of what is going on and understood why I had to leave.

It has been a good year in the school of life and am looking forward to this upcoming year in the school of life!

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