23 January 2012

Adsense missing....

I just noticed all my adsense ads are MIA.... Anyone know why that would happen? And how do I fix it?

22 January 2012

Made with Prayer and Care WIP

I will be adding a card of this picture to each afghan, shawl, hat, and whatever I donate to various charities:

21 January 2012

Siamese Twins

We have a foster dog that use to have trouble with cats. As you can see he has gotten over that with DC. He has no problem jumping up on the couch and sitting or laying on DC and DC won't give up his place! They are my Siamese non-identical twins! LOL

11 January 2012

Onc visit

First off hardly anyone recognized me because I had a ton of hair – except one Nurse who charged up to me and asked where my ears were (my faerie ears). The NP, Lisa, whom I saw today got a real kick out of my side effect because in all her years she has never heard of that side effect, leave it to me to be different! During our talking I mentioned my knees and how the PCP will prolly wanna do an MRI and she said why don’t you wait until you are completely off the Arimidex because they sound like a side effect of being on Arimidex – like you have arthritis in your joints especially the knees. How about that, I got something right! LOL So I have to be off of Arimidex for 3 weeks before I start the new drug – it starts with an A – hopefully it isn’t Aphrodesiac because I ain’t in the mood! Bwwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Ha ha aha hahahahahaha

08 January 2012

Inspiration for my artwork.

I was reading "Draw and Paint The Realm of Faerie" by Ed Org and he said that he often is inspired by hair and head pieces, and costumes. I have a few nice hairsticks, barrettes, and a head piece or two that I have made. I also have some old jewelry that I have picked up at thrift stores, yard sales, and occasionally as a gift. I do like to go through Ebay, Etsy, and any other shops I can find to see if I can get inspired by what they place before my eyes.  He also uses models for photos, having them wear the costumes and props.

I often buy magazines searching for body positions, hand positions, hair style, clothes, jewelry, etc that inspire my muse. I would love to find people to model some for me but I can't pay. I did buy some books with  nude models which I find hard to use because I am a bit of a prude, in some cases an extreme prude. I would prefer to have them in nude colored body suits.... some of the models (male and female) really should think 15 times before posing nude for a book! Ewwwww... sorry peeps.

I find sometimes reading stories, poems, and prayers to be inspiring, also biographies, and autobiographies. Sometimes people watching, too, though I am not a quick sketcher so if I see someone doing something I can't get it down quick enough. On occasion I have asked a person if I can take a picture of them but it is usually at Faeriecon and usually they don't care. I am thinking I need to buy some more nice pieces of clothes for costumes like I wore when I went through chemo and when I went to Faeriecon.

Wow, that prednesone did a number on making me look round! Well, the ears thin my face out a bit, doncha think? Hmmmm, maybe not! LOL

Yeah, that is better!

05 January 2012

Weird or What?: Ice Circles


I think it is Giorgia A Tsoukalos doing water ballet with Aliens or he is washing his hair!

For some reason the video won't show up but please click on link and you shall see!

Magic Carpet Ride

Sometimes my pictures come out in such a way they crack me up. Here is Misty on a magic carpet ride!

04 January 2012

Angel Hugs 4

I just finished the fourth picture in the series called Angel Hugs. I apologize for the pictures that I took for most because I was not at home while working on this picture. I'll be hooking up my scanner soon!

 This picture is in honor of Carolyn who passed on due to complications from Brain Cancer and her sister Vivien who helped her sister through it all, is writing a poetry book about her sister, and who just had a hysterectomy due to Uterine cancer. Both are very strong, brave, and courageous women.


Outlined and a little color

Center picture finished and starting background.

Finished picture

01 January 2012

What I have learned so far this New Year....

What I have learned so far this New Year....

Being as I am a new person (again – always growing and changing) I decided to do something different this year for New Years. Normally I am in bed asleep when the ball drops but I decided to stay up, though I didn’t watch the Ball drop, I was reading an Amish love story. :) I enjoyed the fireworks and gunshots from red necks from my bed safe and sound and warm!

Things I learned:

~ Champaigne is pretty to watch,looks like shooting stars, but what I had bought tasted awful! Unless there is a type of Champaigne out there that actually tastes good I on’t be drinking it! It would be a good way to cure anyone of alcoholism if they ever became one! UGH

~ Don’t have a party in which a bunch of drunk people start a fire in the garage! This happened down the block from our house, I’d like to meet more of my neighbors but this isn’t how I would like to meet them! LOL

Happy New Years!

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