08 January 2012

Inspiration for my artwork.

I was reading "Draw and Paint The Realm of Faerie" by Ed Org and he said that he often is inspired by hair and head pieces, and costumes. I have a few nice hairsticks, barrettes, and a head piece or two that I have made. I also have some old jewelry that I have picked up at thrift stores, yard sales, and occasionally as a gift. I do like to go through Ebay, Etsy, and any other shops I can find to see if I can get inspired by what they place before my eyes.  He also uses models for photos, having them wear the costumes and props.

I often buy magazines searching for body positions, hand positions, hair style, clothes, jewelry, etc that inspire my muse. I would love to find people to model some for me but I can't pay. I did buy some books with  nude models which I find hard to use because I am a bit of a prude, in some cases an extreme prude. I would prefer to have them in nude colored body suits.... some of the models (male and female) really should think 15 times before posing nude for a book! Ewwwww... sorry peeps.

I find sometimes reading stories, poems, and prayers to be inspiring, also biographies, and autobiographies. Sometimes people watching, too, though I am not a quick sketcher so if I see someone doing something I can't get it down quick enough. On occasion I have asked a person if I can take a picture of them but it is usually at Faeriecon and usually they don't care. I am thinking I need to buy some more nice pieces of clothes for costumes like I wore when I went through chemo and when I went to Faeriecon.

Wow, that prednesone did a number on making me look round! Well, the ears thin my face out a bit, doncha think? Hmmmm, maybe not! LOL

Yeah, that is better!

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