01 January 2012

What I have learned so far this New Year....

What I have learned so far this New Year....

Being as I am a new person (again – always growing and changing) I decided to do something different this year for New Years. Normally I am in bed asleep when the ball drops but I decided to stay up, though I didn’t watch the Ball drop, I was reading an Amish love story. :) I enjoyed the fireworks and gunshots from red necks from my bed safe and sound and warm!

Things I learned:

~ Champaigne is pretty to watch,looks like shooting stars, but what I had bought tasted awful! Unless there is a type of Champaigne out there that actually tastes good I on’t be drinking it! It would be a good way to cure anyone of alcoholism if they ever became one! UGH

~ Don’t have a party in which a bunch of drunk people start a fire in the garage! This happened down the block from our house, I’d like to meet more of my neighbors but this isn’t how I would like to meet them! LOL

Happy New Years!


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