26 February 2012


A New WIP! I still have a broken hand but am still able to add to this piece with strict Dr's orders! Still deciding name but am leaning towards: "Pearl."

A few weeks ago I jammed my hand into a door jam and broke my ring finger just below the bottom knuckle. This couldn't happen at the worst time for me - my mind is overflowing with beautiful angels, mermaids, and faeries!

The last two weeks have been torture so the Dr reluctantly gave me permission to do tiny amounts of gentle sketching. Awwwwww relief! I've already told my finger that if misbehaves I will rip it off my hand and burn it! Do you think that will help?


25 February 2012

Since going through chemo and seeing that some people like to read while having their Chemo cocktail and seeing nurses and volunteers bringing baskets of books for them to pick through, I started donating the books I buy from thrift stores and Ollie's to the Oncology Unit I went to. They are most grateful because the books fly out almost as fast as they go in.

Just a suggestion: please donate the books you read to a local Oncology Unit and help Cancer Fighters enjoy their cocktails!

06 February 2012

Artwork I like

Copyright © Dee Van Houten

Copyright © Nanae Miller

Copyright © Patrick Gamble

Fabiana Ruiz Uguzzoni- 

not sure if this is their work or not. 
If anyone knows contact me and I will
give proper copywrite.
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