26 March 2012

Another 6th month Mammogram

Today I had another 6th month Mammogram which came back clear! Another sigh of relief! October 2010 through March 2012 - a 1 year and 6th month Cancer Survivor! That's me!

Before October 2010 everyday was just another day that I lived. When the Verdict was in suddenly everyday was special, it glowed with the light of life in this War that erupted against me. I can't say it interrupted my life, no, no it didn't interrupt it, this War is another phase of my life. Every day from now on is a battle whether I am aware of it or not, every day has become special, a day in which life has danced joyously around and through me - even those days when I feel down, overwhelmed, ill-at-ease, scared, or anxious. I've made it through another day, a wondrous day of being cancer-free.

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