27 April 2012

Getting fitted for a fashion show...

Okay, now I’m the first to admit that things do seem to happen to me but today took the cake! I had to go to the store that was letting us use their close for the “Starlite Fashion Show” for “Beyond Boobs” (this is a non-profit group to help get information about Breast Cancer out to the youth of ALL ages). So, I went to customer service and told them what I was there for and this French lady comes us and tells me to follow her then starts talking about bras. I again told her I am her to be fitted for clothes for a fashion show I am in. She says “Yes, yes, come, I will fit you with bras.” So I am figuring we are to be wearing their under garments which doesn’t make sense because once the show is over the store takes back all the clothes to the store to be sold. Whatever.

She puts me in a room, has me take off my blouse and begins to take my measurements. Now this lady barely stands boob height and I’m wondering how she is going to measure when suddenly I am in a bear hug with her wrapping the measuring tape around the top part of my breasts very tightly then across the peaks! I’m like ‘what in the world…’ She goes out and comes back with a handful of bras. She has me trying them on and declares I look best in a 36 DD! I’m a 40 – 42 B! Believe me, I couldn’t breathe!

She tells me to get dressed and then come out front. I did and she has me fill out a form with my information. After I did that she tells me that if my name is drawn I will get 30% off the bras I buy. I’m like “Huh? I don’t want to buy any bras.” She says “Well, some of the ladies will want to.”

I took a deep breathe then once again explained to her that I am going to be in a Fashion Show in which I am suppose to be fitted with two outfits. She looks at me and says “Why didn’t you say so? For that you need to go up the escalator, take a left, take another quick left and head all the way back here but you will be upstairs.” And off she goes.

So I went upstairs and found a cashier and asked her if she knew about the Fashion Show which she did and she called the lady in charge of it. The rest of the fitting went fine except the clothes they had for me were exactly what I would chose to wear but hey, they looked better than some of those creations you see on the TV runways!

21 April 2012

Before and after I got my finger back...

WIP's - Before: Finished this one: "Light Guides the Way."

WIP - After: just starting: this is an African American Faerie but the name is still a mystery.

15 April 2012

Broken finger

It has been a long couple of months because I broke my ring finger on my right hand - that hand that I draw with! Did it goofing with our foster dog while getting ready to go to Church. The first couple of weeks were the worst because I couldn't draw and soon the Dr realized that if she didn't give me some lee way to draw her life might be in danger!  LOL

So she let me start drawing a little. I thought I would get right into the flow but I soon found out that when I broke my finger there was a connection between my hand and my brain that was discombobulated and my muse decided to enjoy a vacation... hate when they do that! So I managed to finish one picture of a mermaid  

and have been working on an angel picture. Took me a while to get the angel to agree to be created since she knew I wasn't up to doing my best work but I bribed her. And if it isn't up to par I will try again. So far it looks good.

It has been just about 2 months since the faux paux (I use to be good in spelling but I'm seeing the red squiggly lines beneath faux paux telling me it is wrong but I don't feel like going in search of a dictionary so  the word means mistake, boo boo, whatever...) and I see the Dr this week and I am hoping this latest episode will be over!
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